You will get legal proof of ownership

All the plots purchased from us are fully owned by Shelta and are therefore devoid of risks associated with third parties transactions. They also have genuine and proper documents, including but not limited to clean and free titles deeds, so that you can feel safe and confident purchasing our plots knowing that you will get a clean title, and that the plot is truly yours.

We make purchase easy and affordable

Due to direct purchase devoid of brokerage/agency fees, we are able to offer low and discounted prices for all our plots to make it easier for you to buy that plot NOW. Shelta offers easy and affordable payments plans for all our plots; negotiable small down payments and flexible installments to suit your cash flows and get started TODAY.

Shelta has a wide variety of plots within its chosen area of operation increasing chances of finding the perfect property for you. Most of the plots on sale are within a fast growing neighborhood with necessary services including roads, water, electricity, and Police post and private/public schools.

You will get a one stop shop land solution

You will find Shelta Investments knowledgeable and experienced on processes and familiar with the local plots market dynamics. We handle most of the complexities and obstacles associated with plots purchase so that you can focus on what is important; identifying your ideal plot and building the homes of your dreams.

For a start to a long term relationship

Shelta knows well that customer service and communication is basic before, during and after the process. We ensure all your questions and concerns are addressed in a timely and satisfactory manner so that you can purchase your plot with confidence and a peace of mind.

Because we have your best interest at the core

Shelta has a high fiduciary duty, a duty of trust and confidence. We are obligated by our core values to disclose all the material facts of any transaction, everything we know about the plot, good or bad

Why Land

How serene and sure are your assets?

Land is one of the safest way, the quickest way and the best way to become wealthy. Put your saving in land, there is no such saving bank anywhere.

What collaterals are you developing?

Land is the basis of all security and about the only imperishable security against want and misfortune that human ingenuity has devised. Invest in land; it is the indemnity to be preferred above all others.

How are you getting endowed?

Most wealthy and successful peoples get rich primarily through land investments. Adopt the surest and safest method of becoming independent by investing in well selected real estate, for real estate is the basis of wealth.

What is your part contribution to posterity?

Land is the foundation our heritage; religious, emotional, cultural and persona, implanted in us by our lineages as a possession of precious resource. Get personal pride in owing your own land and an inheritance to pass onto your loved once.

What return are you getting for your investment?

Land investment consistently performs better than stock market and any other form of investment. Why put your money elsewhere when most of the wealth in this country was, and still is, being made with real estate.

Is your asset working for you?

Finally, Land works for you. So that you can continue to grow rich in your sleep without risking, working or economizing